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There was a time when having an automatic gate was considered as a luxury and only the wealthiest of people purchased them and were only seen in mansion type properties.

However they are not considered as a luxury or a but more a necessity in today's age. Considering safety for your home and family is important and so an automatic gate provides safety and security, convenience and at the same time enhances your property.

Having an automatic gate is a great investment for both now and the future but there are a few things you do need consider before investing in one.

Why do i need an automatic gate?
Automatic gates provide privacy, security and safety for your family and belongings as well as a good deterant for criminals.
As most manual gates are never shut, because of having to go into the bad weather, they are pointless. Having an Automatic gate gives you the option to control it from within your car or in your house so you don't have to risk getting wet.

What choices do i have?
There are many choices including whether you want the gate to swing or slide, timber or steel, modern or traditional. There is a style for every one and every home.

What Safety features do they include?
The gate will usually operate on a normal house supply, but incase of a power failure manual overrides should be supplied so you can use it as a manual gate and not be locked in or out.
Safety is important especially if there are children around and so special features are fitted so that it is clear before the gates open.