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Most Garage doors in the UK from the 1960's to the present day are mainly up and over types made from either Steel or Aluminium. And so any houses built previous to the 1960s would have a limited amount of choice on what Garage door they could have.

However, now many manufacturers have began to recreate these traditional timber designs, producing Side Hinged, Sliding and Folding Garage door types. Combining these traditional designs with modern techniques and operating methods giving a great choice for all house types.

We offer a whole range of different timber choices such as Oak, Larch, Cedar, Mahogany, Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Pine and Iroko and more!

The more traditional Side Hinged doors are great for a Garage not needing to keep a vehicle, but when regular access is needed for bikes, freezers, toys, it is much easier to access and more user friendly as well. Round the Corner Garage Doors are also great for this purpose too as they offer a secure, safe and easy method of access.

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